Divorce Litigation

Divorce can be an extremely lonely and difficult experience.  The core of our family law practice involves guiding our clients through the legal aspects of the process as well as providing accessible and understanding counsel.  We are experienced in handling all aspects of both contested and uncontested divorces and are committed to helping clients both in amicable divorces as well as zealously advocating for our clients in the most acrimonious of divorces.

Spousal Support & Child Custody

We routinely assist clients with negotiating and litigating the award and modification of spousal and child support, both temporary (pendente lite) and permanent.

Child Custody & Visitation

One of the most difficult aspects of any divorce is dealing with the issues of child custody and visitation.  We are experienced in negotiating and litigating these issues, including the handling of relocation cases.

Equitable Distribution

As a part of the divorce process, the marital property must be divided between the divorcing spouses.  We regularly counsel our clients, negotiate, and litigate these issues, including complex valuation and other equitable distribution issues, such as those involving interests in closely held businesses, division of retirement benefits, and tracing separate interests in marital property.  

Premarital Agreements

We counsel our clients with respect to, negotiate, and draft premarital agreements (sometimes called, “prenuptial agreements”), which set forth in advance the agreement of the parties in the event that they become divorced.