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All-Star/Community Assistant Lawsuit
Against Peak Campus Management

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This collective action lawsuit provides current and former All-Stars/Community Assistants that worked for Peak Campus Management the opportunity to join together and seek back wages and other relief that may be owed to them for work performed in the three years prior to the date the All-Stars/Community Assistants consents to be part of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, Selbe et al. v. Peak Campus Management, LLC, 3:14-cv-03238-MMC is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The lawsuit claims that Peak Campus failed to properly compensate All-Stars/Community Assistants for work performed and that Peak Campus illegally deducted rent charges from the wages owed to All-Stars/Community Assistants.

The lawsuit contends that the “free rent” received for work as a All-Star/Community Assistant does not constitute wages under the FLSA and that All-Stars/Community Assistants are entitled to at least the federal minimum wage for each hour worked. The lawsuit also contends that any wage deductions for “free rent” and/or rent credits taken by Peak Campus violated the FLSA and that All-Stars/Community Assistants are entitled to be repaid those deductions and/or credits. Peak Campus has denied liability.

Participants in this lawsuit may be able to recover for unpaid wages, liquidated damages, and interest on their unpaid wages. The lawsuit also contains allegations specific to All-Stars/Community Assistants that worked in California. The process for that portion of the case will be handled separately.